Armenia, Tatev Monastery, the longest reversible cableway in the world!!!

Tatev Monastery is a 9th century historical monument. Build on an ancient pagan warship sight, the monastic ensemble stands on the edge of a deep gorge of the Vorotan River. Tatev is known as the bishopric seat of Syunik and played a significant role in the history of the region as a center of economic, political, spiritual and cultural activity. There are many stories as to how the name for Tatev Monastery originated. One of which is that when the construction of the main church was completed, and it was time for placing the cross on the dome, one of the students prepared a cross, which corresponded to the church in its beauty. Then he attempted to secretly place it on the dome in the middle of the night. However, he did not manage to come down unnoticed by his master. When he saw his enraged master he threw himself into the abyss asking God for wings: “tal tev” in Armenian, which means “to give wings”.
Wings of Tatev is the longest reversible cableway in the world (5752 m), recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.
Tatev monastery was famous not only for its beauty, grandeur, inaccessibility and for its unique natural location, but also its significant cultural and enlightenment activities.

In the XIV century a university was created adjacent to the Tatev Monastery. Many subjects, including theology, humanitarian, sciences, creative writing, miniature, and music were taught in the university. The founder of this famous source of written Armenian language and culture was Hovnan Vorotnetsi (1315 -1386). The fascinating growth of Tatev University reached its peak by the guidance of Grigor Tatevatsi (1346 to 1409) a talented student of Vorotnetsi. Grigor Tatevatsi’s time was the most productive and flourishing time during all of this university’s life. Immense gratitude is given to these talented men and their students who have left an unimaginably great scientific heritage behind, for which the university became a major scientific-cultural center in its time. The monument “Gavazan” is located in the yard of the complex and was erected in 904. The monument “Gavazan” is a unique exemplar of Armenian architectural and engineering art. This unique beauty has survived numerous invasions and earthquakes relatively unscathed. The monastery of Tatev fits in perfectly with the mountainous landscape around it. Here is located one of the nature wonders: ‘’Devil’s Bridge’’ or ‘’Satani kamurj’’ in Armenian. It is an amazing natural bridge hung on Vorotan River.

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