Armenia, Sanahin, Haghpat, Odzun, Akhtala

Alaverdi, a small industrial town spread on the hillsides of the narrow Debed river canyon, holds a copper smelting giant in its claws. Situated about 160 kilometers north of Yerevan, in Armenia’s Lori province, Alaverdi is one of the largest industrial centers of the country

Sanahin Monastery        UNESCO
Sanahin Monastery is an Armenian monastery founded in the 10th century in the Lori Province of Armenia. The legend has it the monastery was built in the fourth century when the Saint Nshan (Sign) Cross was erected. As to the naming, it is believed that Sanahin means “սա նրանից հին է,” which translated into English means “it’s older than the other one.” Relying on what the legends recount Sanahin was named the monastery, which was older than Haghpat.
Haghpat Monastery       UNESCO
Haghpat Monastery is a medieval Armenian monastery complex in Haghpat, Armenia. Described as a “masterpiece of religious architecture and a major center of learning in the Middle Ages”. The monastery was founded by Saint Nishan (Sourb Nshan) in the 10th century during the reign of King Abas I.There are also a number of splendid khachkars (cross-stones) of the 11th-13th centuries standing on the territory of the monastery, the best known among them is the “Amenaprkich” (All-Savior) khachkar which has been standing since 1273.

Odzun Church
Odzun Church is an Armenian basilica constructed around the 5th-7th century in the Odzun village of the Lori Province of Armenia. The first church appeared here in the 6th century. In the 8th century it was reconstructed by Hovhannes III Odznetsi who served as the katholikos between 717 and 728 and was, as his name suggests, from Odzun. This is the time the church got its current form of a pink felsite basilica with three naves, the two side naves being narrow.
Akhtala Monastery
Akhtala Monastery is a 10th-century fortified Armenian Apostolic Church monastery located in the town of Akhtala in the marz of Lori, 185 kilometers (115 mi) north of Yerevan. The main building of the monastic compound is Surp Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) church. The most prominent structure after the Holy Mother of God church is the rectangular edifice attached to the western wall of the church.


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